Butterfly & Dinosaur Bone


Tabra designs each Treasure Bracelet one component at a time so that each bracelet is the right combination of symbols, stones, and shells. This bracelet includes snake skin agate, carved Chinese bone butterfly, mountain agate, and dinosaur bone. The beautiful, delicate and slightly mysterious butterfly has been known since time began as a symbol of transformation, change and new directions, due to its impressive process of metamorphosis. Meso-American Indians and Asian religious cultures believed that the butterfly was closely tied to the idea of spirits or human souls searching for a new reincarnation. To the Aztec, the butterfly was a God of cosmic fire. To the Maori of the South Pacific, the butterfly was the bringer of dreams and a messenger of the great spirit. Celts in ancient Europe actually believed that women became pregnant by swallowing butterfly souls. Wearing a beautiful piece of butterfly jewelry will probably not make you pregnant, but it can serve as a symbol for a life change and new directions. Tabra one of a kind. Length 22 cm, 8.6 inch

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