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General Questions

* How often do you update the website
* Where else can I buy Tabra’s Jewelry?
* What is the order process?
* Can you ship internationally?
* What are your shipping charges?
* How can I pay for my order?
* Do your prices change?
* Do you have stock of your products?
* How long will my order take?
* What if I want to cancellation or change my order?
* Are all the items shown on the website always available?
* What is the currency for my order?
* Do I need to pay for shipping and insurance?
* Are there fees that I will pay in my country?
* Do you repair Tabra jewelry?
* Do you have a customer guarantee and return policy?
* I have other questions? Can I contact you?
* Newsletters / email lists

Jewelry Facts

* What materials does Tabra use? How does Tabra make her products?
* Does Tabra use bone and shell that are endangered species?
* Is all of Tabra’s jewelry handmade?
* What is Sterling Silver?
* How should I care for my Tabra jewelry?
* Instructions for Cuff Bracelets

Policies & Terms

* Privacy Policy
* Update Lists
* Terms of Service
* Policy about Tabra policies

General Questions

How often do you update the website?

Tabra’s Bali staff will update the website frequently. You can also sign up for email notification of new updates and sample sales.

Where else can I buy Tabra’s Jewelry?

At this time, Tabra sells on this website and in galleries. In the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Japan, galleries showcase many of Tabra’s designs from seasonal collections. Tabra International is interested in establishing relationships with galleries in other countries. Tabra will be developing a retail concept for Bali in 2009.

What is the order process?

Browse the designs at Tabra.com. When you have chosen an item, click “add to shopping cart” and you can again look again at the other designs. Complete the order form, including information in all the ‘required’ fields. When you have completed the required information, PayPal will process the total including shipping and insurance. Please ensure that your email address and shipping address are entered correctly. If the email address is incorrect, we WILL ship your order but will not be able to communicate with you about it. We will ship to the shipping address you enter in the order process. We will confirm receipt of your order and date of your shipment by email.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes, and all shipments are insured and traceable. For buyers in the US & Canada, we will ship to our US distributor who will mail directly to the buyers. For buyers outside this area, we will ship direct from Indonesia.

Do your prices change?

Due to fluctuations in raw metals costs, we may change pricing at any time. Once your order is confirmed, your price is also confirmed and will not change. We endeavor to price all items correctly at the time of listing on the website.

Do you have stock of your products?

All items shown on the website are available when listed. Many of the items are one-of-a-kind or limited editions. Some of the items are production pieces although individually created and there will always be slight differences. In the circumstance where the item you have selected is already sold, Tabra International will contact you about an alternative selection.

How long will my order take?

For US, Canada, and the Caribbean, after we receive payment confirmation, your order will be packed and shipped within 5 working days to our distributor in California. World Artisans will then ship directly to you. In the event your order includes bone, a delay of about two weeks will occur before shipping to you.

For orders to all other areas, after we receive payment confirmation, your order will be packed and shipped within 5 working days by Indonesian post office. Packages are insured, trackable, and usually delivered within 10 working days.

What if I want to cancel or change my order?

Please review your orders carefully. Tabra will not accept returns, cancellations or changes to your orders once you have agreed to purchase the items in your shopping cart. If you wish to order an additional item after you have already checked out, please process a new order for that additional special piece.

Are all the items shown on the website always available?

Many of the items shown on Tabra’s website are one-of-a-kind items and therefore will never be made again. In the event that there are multiples, this information will be noted. In the event that we have two buyers at the same time for one item, the earliest buyer will receive the item. We will email you if this should occur. We regularly update the website with wonderful new pieces.

What is the currency for my order?

All prices on Tabra.com are quoted in US Dollars at this time. Your credit card company will convert the USD to the currency of your country when that transaction occurs.

Do I need to pay for shipping and insurance?

Free shipping and insurance applies to all orders over $1,000. Under $1,000, you will be charged the best available rate for expedited shipping and insurance to your country.

Are there fees that I will pay in my country?

In the US & Canada, all processing will be handled by World Artisans.

For other countries, it is possible you will be charged import duty fees when your jewelry arrives. These fees vary from country to country; we are unable to know all the import restrictions and costs for every country.

Do you repair Tabra jewelry?

Tabra jewelry that has been purchased in the US and Canada within the previous 12 months can be returned to World Artisans for repair and will usually be charged a repair and service fee. You must obtain an authorized R.A. number and form from Tabra International before returning any item. All returned items must be sent in a box with sufficient protective packing material. The return package must be insured for the value of the jewelry and must be traceable. Once you receive a Return Authorization, you may send the returned merchandise with original receipt as indicated on the Return Authorization form. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Tabra International cannot be responsible for returned merchandise prior to our receipt. We therefore suggest that you insure all parcels.

The price for repairs will be given after pictures are received by email. You must pay the shipping charges both to and from the repair facility. Repair guidelines are:

If more than 30 days from date of purchase, the following charges will apply.

If more than 30 days from date of purchase, the following charges will apply.

Item repair:

  • Replace a broken gold post on earrings when possible
  • Replace or repair stones or pieces that have come out of setting when possible (often not possible when stones and settings are one of a kind)
  • Replace or repair any damaged or lost beads or dangle pieces when available
  • Cleaning jewelry
  • Other repairs (including items not under warranty)

Service charge minimum:

  • $30 for one, $40 for pair
  • Based on type of stone to replace and repair, minimum $25/incident
  • Based on type of beads to replace and type of repair, minimum $25/incident
  • Starts at $25
  • Based on type of repair to be made, minimum $25/incident

Repairs are scheduled as they arrive. Expect 8 to 10 weeks for return. We will repair as quickly as possible but good work takes time.

Tabra International no longer makes mates to lost or damaged earrings, replaces broken earring clips, converts post and clip earrings or resizes rings, or services watches.

Do you have a customer guarantee and return policy?

Tabra stands behind the fine craftsmanship of her jewelry with a guarantee. All jewelry is guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase from Tabra International OR an authorized distributor or gallery.
We guarantee that our products will be “as stated”. All products have been checked for quality before the product is shipped to you.

All website sales are final. If you are not happy for any reason, we will issue a credit voucher to be used for the purchase of another item if the unused, undamaged merchandise is returned within 7 days of receipt. The merchandise must be accompanied by your original tabra.com receipt. The credit voucher will be issued when the merchandise has been received and checked by Tabra’s representative.

Tabra International’s guarantee only covers manufacturer defects. Tabra International is not responsible for damages by accident, negligence, or improper care. Work done by a non-Tabra International jeweler invalidates our warranty.

Please note that variations in natural stones and hand-carved pieces make each piece unique and are to be expected. Many stones, in their natural state, contain inclusions and small imperfections. The stones Tabra selects are often wonderfully unique and interesting and not necessarily perfect.

Please do not return anything until you have written to us and you have received a Return Authorization number (RA#), return address, and a packing slip to include with your returned item. Any return without this documentation will not be processed. Any improperly packaged jewelry return will not be accepted or processed. Any returned items that show signs of wear or have been resized, engraved, altered, or damaged in any way will not be accepted for return. We are not responsible for any item improperly packed or damaged or lost in transit. See below for more information.

For items under warranty, you must pay the shipping charges both to and from the repair facility. If there was damage during shipping, please file a claim with the delivery carrier. We will do everything we can to assist you.

I have other questions? Can I contact you?

We are happy to answer any additional questions. Please click contact us and complete the email form. Our staff responds to inquiries during regular business hours and usually will respond to you quickly.

Newsletters / email lists

If you would like to receive information about new product postings or sales from Tabra International, please send us an email in our contact form.

Jewelry Facts

What materials does Tabra use?

How does Tabra make her products?
14K gold is used for all earring posts until further notice. 925 sterling silver is used for all French Wires. In addition to sterling silver, 14 kt gold, 22 kt gold vermeil, 14 kt gold- fill, bronze, antiqued brass & copper are used with stones, beads, shells, dichroic glass, hand-cast resin, carved bone, and other components.

Does Tabra use bone and shell that are endangered species?

Many countries have different regulations for import and endangered species. Tabra will never knowingly use a material that would be offensive or illegal in any country in the world. No elephant ivory is ever used.

Is all of Tabra’s jewelry handmade?

Yes, other than a few components and earring backs and clasps. Tabra designs every piece and assembles every prototype. The design process is long as Tabra may match stones and beads for hours – and sometimes days. Many of the items sold on tabra.com are assembled and beaded by Tabra herself as they are one of a kind. Usually this includes many, many reassemblies until the perfect combination is reached. All silver work is fabricated or cast by hand by Indonesian craftspeople in Bali. Tabra extensively trains the craftspeople and usually QC’s each piece to ensure perfection. All assembly is completely by hand.

What is Sterling Silver?

Silver is a precious metal and much like gold it is too fine to be made in a 100% form. To make it durable for jewelry, sterling silver is formed by using 92.5% silver with other metals as it is everywhere in the world.

How should I care for my Tabra jewelry?

Keep your jewelry away from chlorine, salt water, lotions and creams, etc. Rinse your jewelry occasionally in warm water. DO NOT use liquid silver cleaners. Tabra recommends using a Sunshine polishing cloth or similar cloth to keep your jewelry looking new. For those who want to purchase a Sunshine polishing cloth, they will be available through this website.

Instruction for Cuff Bracelets

Please note that resizing or reshaping your cuff bracelet by hand may loosen stones and void your product warranty. Most bracelets do not need resizing if worn properly.Re-sizing and reshaping is best done by a qualified jeweler.

click to enlarge and see the instruction

click to enlarge and see the instruction

or click download to save or print a copy.

Policies & Terms

Privacy Policy

Tabra respects your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding your privacy online. When you purchase, you will be asked to provide personal information such as name, address, and credit card. We only use your personal information for the purpose of record keeping and shipping your order and will not share your contact information with any other person or company. Only our third party financial service provider (PayPal) will have access to your financial information.

Update Lists

You may voluntarily choose to give us your personal information for our update lists so that we can contact you with newsletters, new product postings, samples sales, and other special events. Your information will be used for no other purpose but this. Your personal information will never be shared with any other business, individual, or government institution. At any time, you may also choose to remove your name from our mailing list.

Terms of Service

All content on this website, including but not limited to text, pricing, designs, photos, and graphics, is Copyright protected by Tabra International, a California Corporation (USA). All rights reserved. All use of any content included on this website, in part or in full, is strictly forbidden without the advance and express written approval of Tabra Tunoa and Tabra International.

Policy about Tabra policies

We reserve the right to change our policies at any time.