About Tabra

Some 10 years ago, I decided to move my life and business in California to Bali, Indonesia. I have always loved Bali ever since the first time I visited it, some 40 years ago. I have now enjoyed this small fascinating island and getting to know the culture for more than 12 years altogether. Several years ago, my Bali team and I opened up a small TABRA gallery on Honuman in the thriving tourist village of Ubud.

Although for many many years, I designed and created production pieces which were sold all over the US, I now design one of a kind and very limited pieces here in Bali for a few special US galleries as well as on our TABRA online site and our shop in Ubud and through Etsy and Ritzy Couture online…

Several years ago, I bought a large piece of jungle land on the Banana River in Costa Rica where my son Tangi and I are in the process of slowly developing a farm and art center, where I plan to retire in the coming years.

The Mojo Mecca is a new Australian site featuring some of Tabra’s jewelry among many other interesting offerings. They produced this video of an interview with Tabra in which she describes some of the sources that inspire her designs.