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Tabra is always looking at designing something new – can you find the new idea in this Treasure Bracelet? Tabra designs each Treasure Bracelet one component at a time so that each bracelet is the right combination of symbols, stones, and shells. This bracelet includes bronze moon goddess, Mexican cats eye, Chinese turquoise, golden drusy, silver mother of pearl, and a bronze relief bear, fish, ram and wolf – did you guess it right? When people lived with nature, the changing seasons had a great impact on religious ceremonies. The moon was seen as a symbol of the Goddess. Because of this, the light of the moon was considered magical and a source of energy. Plutarch once said “Egyptian priests called the moon the “Mother of the Universe” because the moon “having the light which makes moist and pregnant is promotive of the generation of living beings”. To the Romans, the morality of the Moon Goddess was above that of the Sun God. In many cultures, the Moon Goddess and the Creatress were the same. Polynesians called the Creatress Hina or “Moon”. She was the first woman, and every woman is a wahine, made in the image of Hina. Ashanti people had a generic term used for all their deities, Boshun, meaning Moon. Sioux Native Americans call the moon The Old Woman Who Never Dies. Iroquois call her ” Eternal One.” Rulers in the Eritrean zone of South Africa held the Goddesses name “Moon.” The Gaelic name of the Moon, gealach, came from Gala or Galata, the original Moon-Mother of Gaelic and Gaulish tribes. The Moon was called Metra, which means Mother, “whose love penetrated everywhere.” A New Tabra one of a kind. Length 21.2 cm, 8.3 inch

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