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Tabra designs each Treasure Bracelet one component at a time so that each bracelet is the right combination of symbols, stones, and shells. This bracelet includes rainbow drusy, bronze jaguar, ocean jasper, scallop shell, carved Chinese bone, Chinese turquoise, and red coral. Drusy literally means ?covered by a large number of minute crystals?. The original gem is cut to highlight mother nature’s artwork and expose the Drusy in attractive arrangements that delight the eye. Whether the crystals appear on the surface of the mineral or are recessed into a crevice the result is the same, a stunning gemstone. The look has been described as the same as looking at a mass of sugar when it sparkles in the light. Drusy is formed when the dynamic processes of the earth’s crust and internal layers that are referred to as plate tectonics are responsible for the formation of most colored gemstones that we see today. Millions of years ago as molten rock was being forced rapidly up to the surface, the heat and pressure changes caused gasses to expand and create cavities within solidifying rock. Later, as the mineral rich ground water moved through the rock it deposited new minerals into these cavities and as cooling began to occur the crystallization of these minerals formed on top of and inside the previously crystallized rock. This crystal formation is called Drusy. Tabra one of a kind. Length 23 cm, 9 inch

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