Protective Power Amulet


The scarab was by far the most important amulet or charm in ancient Egypt, symbolically as sacred to the Egyptians as the cross is to Christians. The Egyptians often wore a small scarab amulet on a golden string around their necks, which provided protective powers and the assurance that at the final judgment – as depicted in the Egyptian Book of the Dead – the wearer would be found and accepted into the eternal afterlife. These scarabs, which often had hieroglyphic inscriptions, magical formulas and sacred animals on the back, were later buried with their mummies. According to Egyptian mythology, the scarab was a symbol for the eternal and incomprehensible creator – the Lord of the Sun, resurrection of the soul, light, truth and regeneration and the ability to always be reborn. The Egyptians believed that sunrise was caused by the scarab unfolding its wings. Sunset came when the scarab folded its wings and night followed. Tiger eye scarab, abalone, lapis lazuli, and red jasper. Tabra one of a kind. Height 3 cm, 1.20 inch Loop to Loop Width 2.2 cm, 0.90 inch

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